Carpet Protection

Carpet Cleaning

If you live in a high-traffic home with kids and pets, or a busy corporation, you know that carpet cleaning is imperative in protecting carpet from wear and tear. Carpet cleaning removes fiber-damaging grit and dirt, as well as allergy-triggering bacteria. Our fully-trained technicians at Steam Works provide outstanding carpet cleaning and stain protection services that remove dirt and odor, while protecting your carpet at the same time. We treat each carpet with care and respect, using the most modern and innovative techniques.

Stain Protection Solutions
In addition to carpet cleaning, we at Steam Works recommend that you have a carpet protector applied. The purpose of a carpet protector is to create a barrier between carpet fibers and spills that come in contact with it. Homes and businesses with high-traffic areas should have a carpet protector applied often to ensure that temporary stains do not become permanent ones. While most new carpets come with stain protection already built in, the effectiveness is quickly compromised by spills and cleaning products. Depending on your environment and type of carpet, our trained technicians can determine how often you should have a carpet protector applied to protect your investment for as long as possible.