Pet Odor & Allergen Removal

Allergens in the home are most often found in countless numbers hidden and trapped in carpet fibers. Pet stains and odors are a frustrating nightmare for homeowners who find themselves in an endless battle to remove and cover the stains and persistent odors.

Trying to combat the carpet battle against allergens and pet stains and odors is a task too great for the homeowner. Even with carpet cleaners and rentals that are specially designed to be operated by homeowners, carpets cannot be fully cleaned unless it’s done by an experienced professional.

Steam Works is a professional Birmingham area carpet cleaning service that offers customers the best in carpet care. Steam Works uses only the best professional carpet cleaning products and equipment available. Carpet cleaning is their business and they work with competency and proficiency.

When the company’s trained technicians finish a job and leave the home, customers can rest assured that pet odors and stains are completely eradicated and that the air has been left unpolluted after carpet allergen removal.

Homeowners no longer need to raise the white flag of defeat in the battle against pet odor, stains and allergens in their carpet. Steam Works will win the fight against them and leave the carpet spotless and refreshed!