Spot & Stain Removal

Carpet spots and stains, especially in highly visible areas of the home, can detract from the appearance of even the most beautiful and tasteful interior furnishings and make an otherwise spotless house look messy and neglected. Do-it-yourself carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning products are available but yield results that are far inferior to the services provided by a professional carpet cleaner. Steam Works is your local, Birmingham-area carpet cleaning professional. Steam Works has extensive experience in removing spots and stains from all types of carpeting, as well as providing general cleaning services for carpets, rugs and other interior surfaces.

Although all carpet stains are unattractive, each type of stain has its own specific chemical make-up. Stains and spots caused by food differ from those caused by outdoor dirt. Pet stains and grass stains are both derived from organic sources but are completely different in composition. The professionals at Steam Works are familiar with how different materials act to stain a carpet and know which products are effective at removing different types of stains.

Often a carpet will experience heavy use in some areas that leads to staining, while the rest of the carpet remains relatively clean. Hiring a carpet cleaning professional to clean the stained areas instead of replacing a whole room or even a whole houseful of carpet extends the useful life of the carpet and avoids the expense of carpet replacement.

When you hire Steam Works to clean and remove spots and stains from your carpets, the carpets are not only returned to their original appearance, they are more resistant to future stains due to the application of stain-blockers. Substances spilled on the carpet are no longer able to penetrate into the carpet fibers but will instead sit on top of the fibers where the material can be easily wiped up.