Tile and grout make your kitchen and bathroom gorgeous and easy to clean, but nothing’s worse than dingy, stained, or mildewy walls, floors, and backsplashes. Household bleach might help keep stains at bay, but there’s simply no comparison to a professional tile and grout cleaning.

Professional cleaning by Steam Works helps eliminate stale, musty smells from stained and mildewed grout, and gets rid of the potential allergy triggers that thrive in nooks and crannies in damp areas. Repairing, repainting, or resealing grout is a breeze once it’s been thoroughly cleaned.

Homeowners with hard-to-replace vintage tile or expensive custom backsplashes will also love how Steam Works keeps their kitchens and bathrooms looking as lovely as the day their tiles were laid. Professional cleanings are gentle and effective.

Having your tiles cleaned by a professional is also more economical, in the long run. To get tiles and grout as clean as a professional can, it would require cleaners, equipment, and professional expertise. Rather than lay out the cash for the right training and materials, all homeowners need to do is call Steam Works for a complete cleaning.

Professional cleanings also help make regular household cleanings much more manageable. Rather than having to get down and scrub everything themselves, which requires a lot of hard work, time, and exposure to potentially hazardous cleaning products, homeowners simply have to maintain their tile between professional cleanings. It couldn’t be simpler!